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A Letter from the Team

Launching in two weeks Time

Suvereeni Suomi’s Parallel Economy

Hello everyone!

Many People and businesses in Finland have expressed a strong interest for a Parallel Economy!

This is just a quick note to update everyone on the progress of Suvereeni Suomi’s plan for a Parallel Economy in Finland.

Suvereeni Suomi will launch with an affiliated 2 Year Law Course program. The Law Course is instructed by a lawyer with over 25 years experience in winning.

Suvereeni Suomi’s full membership returns a Parallel Economy with up to 17 different platforms. All 17 Platforms being released in quick succession at separate dates going forward.

Suvereeni Suomi’s 17 Parallel Economy platforms are as follows.

  1. Law Course – Affiliation
  2. Traders Platform
  3. Coaching Platform
  4. Farming Platform
  5. Farmers Online Market
  6. Local Currency – Precious Metals
  7. Local Currency – Paper
  8. Local Digital Currency – Offline and Online
  9. Digital Currency – Offline and Online
  10. Micro Financing – Local
  11. Municipal Representatives Platform
  12. Regional Representatives Platform
  13. Oath Keepers Platform
  14. Independent TV – Affiliation
  15. Independent News Paper – Affiliation
  16. Access to Venues for Conferences, Courses, Faith gatherings, and other Events.
  17. Church of Faith

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    Once enrolled as a full club member, discover the services and products from people who share your values.

    It has been evidenced and proven for centuries all around the World, that Local communities and businesses grow exponentially in a Parallel Economy. Many Countries and it’s people are currently turning back to such a positive way of life.

    With your support, Suvereeni Suomi can grow an ecosystem of business owners engaging in commerce, networking, and growth, with people who share each others values. It’s such a beautiful sight to behold, and we cannot wait to keep investing heavily in Finland’s Parallel Economy for the foreseeable future.

    We need your help to expand our infrastructure.

    Suvereeni Suomi operates on cash flow, and doesn’t have some big hedge fund or billionaire backing us. Suvereeni Suomi is building it’s Parallel Economy platform the old fashioned way, allowing us to keep our costs low, while generating revenue by providing value.

    Suvereeni Suomi needs your Help in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a Parallel Economy for the whole of Finland.

    If you would like to contribute to such efforts, while expanding on your knowledge for a positive life changing experience, please consider becoming a Full Member of Suvereeni Suomi.

    Thank you for being part of the Parallel Economy with Suvereeni Suomi!

    Best wishes!

    Suvereeni Suomi

    The Suvereeni Suomi team